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Farkald Farms Limited.

Farkald Farms is an indigeneous farm focused on Poultry farming, fishery and Cattle rearing. Our nutritious breed of poultry birds are sought after all over the country.

Our intensive rearing process of poultry feeds and animals are top notch in ensuring that top quality chicks and hens.

Our drive to put top quality and nutritious chicken products on the table of many Nigerian homes has earned us the No 1 spot in the mind of our customers.


Agro-Allied Products



2 Years Of Experience

We have over 2 years experience in the poultry business. Our eggs are one of the most sought from all corners of the country.

Experienced Workers

We have experienced poultry farmers working to provide nutritious eggs to our teeming customers.

100+ Customers

We currently have over 100+ customers who rely on our efficient poultry services to provide them with nutritious eggs daily.


Farkald Farms Is Providing The Best

Solution to Poultry Farm Product Needs


Nutritious eggs for every family

We are a leading agro-allied company providing every family with poultry products at the best and affordable prices.

  • Eggs for every family
  • Poultry feeds and birds
  • Poultry waste

Quality Poultry feeds

You don't need to look elsewhere.

Nutritious Eggs

Putting an egg on every Nigerian child's table.

Hygenic Poultry facility

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Top notch Poultry Farm

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Why Choose Us?

Our poultry products are very affordable and nutritious

The average Nigerian family is our target customer in providing the best quality poultry services.

Poultry Life 92%
Top Quality Eggs 100%
Poultry Waste 80%


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Testimonials of our Customers

This is what some of our customers have to say about our agro-allied products,

  • Farkald Farms is the best farm where you get your affordable eggs.
  • Their customer care service is the best.
  • Farkald farms is the best farms where you get affordable eggs and chickens at the best prices.

We Are ISO
Certified Company

Team Member

Meet Our Great Team

Our team’s mission is to promote agricultural practices designed to provide abundant healthy food, eggs, poultry products and other agro-allied services for all communities.